The High Performance React Book
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High-Performance React Applications

This is an in-progress book exploring the foundations of building high-performance React applications and practical ways to utilize those foundations to gain a detailed blue-print for creating high-performance React applications


This book will always be available to read online here, for free.

Ebooks are available on Leanpub.

You can read the book online here: High-Performance React.


Thomas Hintz, with Thomas Hintz Consulting, currently resides in Walnut Creek, California and has been a web developer for two decades. Thomas has been long focused on building high-performance applications and to fully understand the performance of modern applications has built a web browser engine, web server, database engine, compilers, and an operating system.

Copyright & License

All materials are © 2020 Thomas Hintz.

The book and related materials in this repository are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.