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* Fixing flush-output on send-frame.Thomas Hintz2015-08-041
* Re-exposing current-websocket.0.1.5Thomas Hintz2015-06-281
* Passing in values to foreign-lambda* for UTF-8 validation instead ofThomas Hintz2015-04-181
* Using size_t instead of int.Thomas Hintz2015-04-181
* Fixing unmask to pass values into foreign-lambda* instead of usingThomas Hintz2015-04-181
* Removing unused code.Thomas Hintz2015-04-181
* Removing bogus length check.Thomas Hintz2015-04-181
* Flushing output after frame is sent.Thomas Hintz2015-04-181
* Fixing upgrade header check.Thomas Hintz2015-04-181
* Removing reliance on C99 standard.0.1.3Thomas Hintz2014-10-221
* Failing connection on invalid UTF8 in close reason.Thomas Hintz2014-10-181
* Cleaning up imports.Thomas Hintz2014-10-181
* Adding fast ASCII only UTF8 validation.Thomas Hintz2014-10-181
* Removing unused code and irrelevant or finished TODOs.Thomas Hintz2014-10-181
* Checking that the websocket is still open before pinging or timeingThomas Hintz2014-10-171
* Remove low level API from exports.Thomas Hintz2014-10-171
* Switch to comparse for UTF8 validation.Thomas Hintz2014-10-171
* Cleanup.Thomas Hintz2014-10-081
* A few general cleanups.Thomas Hintz2014-10-081
* Correct and improve header upgrade error handling.Thomas Hintz2014-10-061
* Limit max message size for use with the unmask/utf8 code. ChangeThomas Hintz2014-10-061
* Update connection timeout close-reason to use name instead of number.Thomas Hintz2014-10-051
* Remove miscmacros dependency as it is not used.Thomas Hintz2014-10-051
* Initial commit.0.0.1Thomas Hintz2014-10-051