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2014-07-26Adding LICENSE.HEADmasterThomas Hintz1
2014-07-10Merged in testing-stashish2 (pull request #2)Thomas1
2014-07-10Merged in testing-stashish (pull request #3) Thomas Hintz1
2014-07-10Update license to 2-clause BSD.Thomas1
2014-07-10Update license to 4-clause BSD.Thomas1
2014-07-10Merged in testing-stashish (pull request #1) Thomas Hintz2
2014-07-10Set package meta-info.Thomas1
2014-07-10Removing user agent and remote IP from session hash string computationThomas1
2014-07-10Removing dead code.Thomas1
2014-03-13Remove dead code.Thomas Hintz1