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* Convert some comp to functions, attempt fix multi-deviceHEADmasterThomas Hintz2022-05-228
* Fixing bug.Thomas Hintz2020-11-201
* New stats and bug fixes.Thomas Hintz2020-08-297
* Using css-in-js and trying to fix server to set cookies.Thomas Hintz2020-08-285
* Adding tabs and ROI to game over screen.Thomas Hintz2020-08-282
* Merge branch 'cypress' into masterThomas Hintz2020-08-2816
| * Improving birthday bonus.Thomas Hintz2020-08-284
| * Adding webpack fast refresh support.Thomas Hintz2020-08-285
| * Adding webpack dev server support.Thomas Hintz2020-08-289
| * Adding cypress.Thomas Hintz2020-04-289
* | AI buying improvements.Thomas Hintz2020-05-011
* | AI UX improvements.Thomas Hintz2020-05-012
* | Improving test routine.Thomas Hintz2020-04-301
* | Improving AI buying algorithm.Thomas Hintz2020-04-301
* | Handling lag better stage 1.Thomas Hintz2020-04-303
* | Fixing turn end bug.Thomas Hintz2020-04-291
* | AI improvements.Thomas Hintz2020-04-291
* | Adding testing function.Thomas Hintz2020-04-291
* | Ensure amb+ is protected with mutex.Thomas Hintz2020-04-281
* | Markup updates for automated testing.Thomas Hintz2020-04-284
* Ensuring advance-turn consistency.Thomas Hintz2020-04-271
* Fixing "your turn" notification.Thomas Hintz2020-04-271
* Changing from coops to define-record.Thomas Hintz2020-04-271
* Bugfixes.Thomas Hintz2020-04-271
* Adding AI.Thomas Hintz2020-04-263
* Adding 'roller' stats.Thomas Hintz2020-04-262
* Update to stats and trading fix.Thomas Hintz2020-04-263
* Basic stats.Thomas Hintz2020-04-253
* Visual card trading.Thomas Hintz2020-04-255
* Making info actions look better. Fixing space harvest styling.Thomas Hintz2020-04-233
* Ensure operating expense value is always at least divisible by 100.Thomas Hintz2020-04-231
* Cleaning up imports, updating libs.Thomas Hintz2020-04-233
* Adding more assets to side_effects list.Thomas Hintz2020-04-231
* Removing unused font.Thomas Hintz2020-04-231
* Styling improvements.Thomas Hintz2020-04-237
* Highlighting current player's icon.Thomas Hintz2020-04-234
* Showing only first 5 games by default.Thomas Hintz2020-04-231
* Showing player color in lobby.Thomas Hintz2020-04-221
* Adding kick player support.Thomas Hintz2020-04-225
* Lobby improvements; leave game.Thomas Hintz2020-04-229
* Adding 'updated' column to games and using it for sorting.Thomas Hintz2020-04-181
* Adding db.scm to makefile.Thomas Hintz2020-04-181
* Hide completed games.Thomas Hintz2020-04-182
* Fixing dom nesting.Thomas Hintz2020-04-161
* Improving FF taking over 10 acres hay UX.Thomas Hintz2020-04-161
* Hiding birthdays.Thomas Hintz2020-04-152
* Better error handling, birthdays, startup otbs, resource caching.Thomas Hintz2020-04-1513
* Birthdays!Thomas Hintz2020-04-104
* Update volcano copyright.loginsThomas Hintz2020-04-101
* Using sqlite database, mt proctor animation.Thomas Hintz2020-04-0931