BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
leave-gamewipThomas Hintz2 years
leave-game2wipThomas Hintz2 years
loginsUpdate volcano copyright.Thomas Hintz2 years
masterConvert some comp to functions, attempt fix multi-deviceThomas Hintz4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2020-04-22wipleave-gameThomas Hintz7
2020-04-18Adding 'updated' column to games and using it for sorting.Thomas Hintz1
2020-04-18Adding db.scm to makefile.Thomas Hintz1
2020-04-18Hide completed games.Thomas Hintz2
2020-04-16Fixing dom nesting.Thomas Hintz1
2020-04-16Improving FF taking over 10 acres hay UX.Thomas Hintz1
2020-04-15Hiding birthdays.Thomas Hintz2
2020-04-15Better error handling, birthdays, startup otbs, resource caching.Thomas Hintz13
2020-04-10Birthdays!Thomas Hintz4
2020-04-10Update volcano copyright.loginsThomas Hintz1