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* Updating documentation link.HEADmasterThomas Hintz2016-01-131
* Setup with chicken-install instead of makefile.thintz2012-12-054
* Mergethintz2012-08-131
| * Add executable to gitignoreThomas Hintz2012-08-131
* | Add history file and executable to gitignorethintz2012-08-131
* | Rename config file to .hissthintz2012-08-131
* from macros to functionsthintz2012-08-072
* removed auto run, now uses explicit command runningThomas Hintz2012-08-063
* changed the output name to 'hiss'Thomas Hintz2012-05-241
* reworked inner loop; now checks for a lisp symbol before trying to run on the...Thomas Hintz2012-05-241
* add readme with a link to the documentationThomas Hintz2012-05-231
* Merge pull request #1 from iffsid/masterThomas Hintz2012-05-223
| * makefile, gitignore and backwards compatibility with <=4.6.4 for getenvSiddharth Narayanaswamy2012-05-213
* Added example rc fileThomas Hintz2011-06-221
* Removed unneeded regex dependency.Thomas Hintz2011-05-272
* Added eval of general scheme code and added exit proc.21Thomas Hintz2011-05-271
* Changed repl-prompt.Thomas Hintz2011-05-271
* Added GNU readline.Thomas Hintz2011-05-271
* Shell now uses path and it's own REPLThomas Hintz2011-05-271
* First commit.Thomas Hintz2011-05-272