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* Updating to work with CHICKEN 5.HEAD7.2.0masterThomas Hintz2019-01-276
* Releasing version Hintz2017-09-072
* Merge pull request #3 from LemonBoy/mdapiThomas Hintz2017-09-072
| * Use the RFC2202 test vectorsLemonBoy2017-08-272
| * Rewrite as a message-digest primitiveLemonBoy2017-08-271
* Release version Hintz2013-09-242
* Don't destructively modifiy args.Thomas Hintz2013-09-241
* Fix invalid arg type bug introduced in b52b480.Thomas Hintz2013-09-241
* Cleanup formatting.Thomas Hintz2013-09-241
* remove release 5 because it doesnt existt@thintz.com2012-02-011
* correct version number7t@thintz.com2012-01-152
* removed dependency on srfi-4-utils as it was gpl and not compatible with bsd6t@thintz.com2011-08-314
* Fixed egg categoryt@thintz.com2011-08-303
* Forgot to update .setup to match version in .release-info4Thomas Hintz2011-08-152
* fixed install dependency bug3Thomas Hintz2011-08-133
* Added release-info for new Chicken distributed release system.2Thomas Hintz2011-04-161
* First release with actual content!1Thomas Hintz2011-04-165
* First commit.Thomas Hintz2011-04-161