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* Create LICENSEThomas Hintz2014-02-051
* Mark with-bucket as deprecated.Thomas Hintz2013-09-241
* Release new version the actually increments the version number.7thintz2013-07-192
* Release new version.0.8thintz2013-07-172
* Fix put-string! and put-sexp!.0.7Thomas Hintz2013-07-171
* version 6t@thintz.com2012-05-042
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* Added release-info.4Thomas Hintz2011-08-031
* Fixed category.3Thomas Hintz2011-08-021
* Added chicken-install setup info.2Thomas Hintz2011-08-023
* Added with-bucket, cleaned it up a bit.1Thomas Hintz2011-08-022
* Finally all basic operations work! It is messy, but it is progress!Thomas Hintz2011-07-202
* Added unit tests. Made a better bucket-existsThomas Hintz2011-07-182
* Oops.Thomas Hintz2011-05-061
* Added more to the api. Weird threading errors though... Might be an issue wit...Thomas Hintz2011-05-061
* Refactored code into proper, first func, abstractions. Sure to change though...Thomas Hintz2011-05-061
* Cleaned it up. Removed old messy testing code.Thomas Hintz2011-05-061
* Finally got every part working! Added SSAX and SXPath stuff.Thomas Hintz2011-05-061
* Began API work.Thomas Hintz2011-05-041
* First commit.Thomas Hintz2011-04-161