cl-configA Common Lisp library for managing config files in the same fashion as BSD OSes....Thomas Hintz4 years
chicken-scheme-hmacA Hash-based Message Authentication Code library for CHICKEN scheme. Thomas Hintz17 months
websocketsA fast, lightweight, and simple CHICKEN scheme websockets library. Thomas Hintz5 years
chicken-scheme-shellA scheme approach to a system shell, written in CHICKEN scheme. Thomas Hintz4 years
striped-zebraAn API for processing payments via Stripe for CHICKEN scheme. Thomas Hintz4 years
farmAn online multi-player digital recreation of a classic board game re-set in Alph...Thomas Hintz2 months
alley-catCHICKEN Scheme library for generating static websites. Thomas Hintz4 years
simpleCHICKEN Scheme library that provides an application and an extension to ease the...Thomas Hintz4 years
chicken-scheme-amazon-s3CHICKEN scheme bindings to Amazon S3. Thomas Hintz4 years
chicken-scheme-send-gridCHICKEN scheme bindings to Amazon S3. Thomas Hintz4 years
pg-sessionsCommon Lisp library for managing hunchentoot sessions within postgres. Thomas Hintz4 years
cl-passwordCommon Lisp library for securely managing and seamlessly upgrading passwords. Thomas Hintz4 years
cl-sendgridCommon Lisp library for sending email via SendGrid. Thomas Hintz4 years
cl-initCommon Lisp script to connect a running process with a SWANK connection. Thomas Hintz4 years
highlightHighlight is a generic syntax highlighter outputting HTML. Thomas Hintz5 months
kabonkyPersonalizable news aggregator that ranks and displays articles from online news...Thomas Hintz4 years
preschemePreScheme image from Scheme48. Thomas Hintz22 months
gistsRandom bits of code for sharing. Thomas Hintz8 months
react-whitelabelRun-time white-labeling for React projects. Thomas Hintz4 months
3lThe 3L Project. Thomas Hintz22 months
scheduleUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Thomas Hintz4 years
tideableUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Thomas Hintz4 months